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Session begins Monday, May 6, 2019 and runs through Friday, June 14, 2019.

Application deadline is Monday, April 29, 2019.
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Orientation to the Canadian Health Care System, Culture and Context is a course designed for internationally educated health professionals who are in the process of becoming licensed in Canada. It is offered two times per year. This course will provide learners with a deepened understanding of the Canadian health care system, what Canadian patients expect from their health care providers, and how to communicate with patients and caregivers. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with other internationally educated health care professionals in a supportive learning environment. This course is recognized by the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators, the Ontario College of Pharmacists, and the Midwives Consortium to address gaps in knowledge for licensing.

What Previous Participants Have Said:

"This course will be very valuable in my practice as a physiotherapist in Canada. I now know the importance of collaboration with different healthcare professionals, my rights as a physiotherapist and my duties towards my patients."
- Orientation participant, Spring 2015

"I truly believe this course has enhanced my knowledge of Canadian Healthcare system by participating in different online activities and interacting with professionals from different backgrounds. Moreover, I find it very convenient to do on weekends due to my regular work."
- Orientation participant, Spring 2015

"It was a wonderful experience to enroll in this course. I learned as much as I would have in a classroom session, but doing it online was more convenient as I could do it according to my availability. I loved it."
- Orientation participant, Spring 2015

"The interesting part of the course was its interactive nature. I got to communicate with students of varying healthcare professions from different parts of the world through discussion forums. It was really fascinating to see different perspectives of peers on the same case."
- Orientation participant, Winter 2013

“As I am new to this country, I learned many new things about the health care system, ethics, rules and regulations which is totally different from my country where I got my education. Therefore, this course not only provides education but also provides information about my new country and helps us to keep away from faults, which is very important for newcomers.”
- Orientation participant, Winter 2013


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The University of Toronto gratefully acknowledges the generous contribution and unrestricted access to the Orientation for IEHPs Curriculum originally developed by Kathryn Allen, at the RN-Professional Development Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Given without condition, this gesture was significant, serving both as a foundation for the national curriculum, and a display of interprovincial collaboration.